SkinHygiene Family Pack Tissue Paper - 120pulls
To comfort your nose during flu season, SKINHYGIENE's tissue is the right choice when you have a cold or allergy, reach for SkinHygiene's Facial Tissue, it won't leave your nose irritated. Skin Hygiene Family Pack Tissue Paper Product Specification: Colours:...
Skin Hygiene Soft Pocket Tissue 4ply - 10 Pulls (12 Packs)
Skin Hygiene 4ply pocket tissue soft to the skin. It's premium quality to save your face from tissue sticking to your face while wiping.Skin Hygiene Pocket Facial Tissues 10pulls Product Specification:Colours: purple, pink, greenLayers: 4plyQty: 120pullsExp date: 10/9/2024Skin Hygiene Pocket...
Skin Hygiene Mini Pack Facial Tissues - 75pulls
People who like a compact size tissue that doesn't occupy much space. They will always go for our mini-pack facial tissue. Skin Hygiene 3ply Facial Tissues 75pulls Product Specification:Colours: purple, pink, blue in a bagLayers: 3plyQty: 75pulls/ packSkin Hygiene 3ply...